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Kinetic Approach

Mankato Chiropractor Takes a Kinetic Approach

What do you mean by Kinetic?


Kinetic Means

1. Pertaining to motion
2. Caused by motion
3. Characterized by motion.

At Kinetic Spine & Sport we focus on the "motion is life" principle and work to restore proper motion in the spine and other joints which ultimately keeps your body in motion.  This not only applies to the bones, joints, and muscles of the body, but motion is also required for digestion, heart health, and nervous system function.  We achieve this through the use of chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapies, proper biomechanics, posture, and balanced nutrition.

If your consultation reveals a problem that will benefit from chiropractic care, your Mankato Chiropractor can help.   We will treat your symptoms and help alleviate your pain as quickly as possible, but just as important, we will investigate what got you to where you are today. Correcting the root cause will also ensure your body will heal correctly and prevent the pain or condition from returning over time.

Enjoying Nature

Here are other foundations of our approach:

  • Treatment without the use of medications and invasive procedures

  • Instruction on how to be healthy and stay well

  • Direction on how to best self-manage pain, injuries, and health

  • Treating the cause, not just the condition

  • Chiropractic care can treat extremities like knees and shoulders, as it does the spine

  • X-rays taken, if necessary, can rule out red flags, or guide further referral

  • Every patient will be treated based on their individual needs(Needs Based Assessment)

"It is the job of the spine to keep the brain alert. The moment the spine collapses, the brain collapses."


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