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What We Do

What We Do

Kinetic Spine & Sport offers a combination of specialized therapies and adjustments to support all ages and activity levels.

Being a multi-sport athlete, an active individual, and a coach, Dr. Luke Weber knows the demands you put on your body everyday and what you need to stay at the top of your game.  Even if that “game” is getting through your work day, or taking care of your family.  LIFE is your SPORT.

"Chiropractic embraces the science of life, the knowledge of how organisms act in health and disease, and also the art of adjusting the neuroskeleton."

- Daniel David

Mankato Chiropractor: Tools We Use



The body works as a system of systems, meaning there are multiple factors that play into our overall function.  This integration can also be a reason why pain may be confusing and difficult to manage, since it too is multifactorial in nature. That is why we approach our exams with a unique, yet wide lens to each individual.  We make sure to evaluate all the major factors in each person’s current state.


Even the smallest joint restriction can have a profound effect on your health and function.  Adjustments are a safe and highly effective hands-on treatment to correct these restrictions and restore proper motion to your joints. We utilize multiple adjusting techniques depending on the case. There is HVLA, or the traditional hands-on adjusting for those that require more movement or force in their treatment.  And then there’s low force techniques like Thompson technique/drop table, or low level mobilization for those that prefer a lighter touch or don’t like the “popping.” Each style is determined through the communication between the patient and the clinician.  As a Mankato Chiropractor, all of these services are available locally.



Not all injuries and conditions are equal which is why we utilize a range of manual therapy techniques and mobilizations. The same tools and techniques used with Olympic athletes will be applied to treat your injury.  Treatments can include stretches, exercises, Graston/soft tissue mobilization, taping, percussion therapy, inversion therapy, and more.


Most cases do NOT require x-rays.  However, in special cases, x-rays are recommended to get an in-depth look at the problem, or rule out red flags.  Digital radiographs are completed in-office and taken by the clinician.

What We Look For

What We Look For


We look at the overall spine to body relationship. You may have restrictions that are preventing the body from achieving certain positions or movements, and ultimately causing pain or other symptoms in the body.


We assess the way that your joints move, function, and evaluate any restrictions that are present.  We then treat the multiple components of the joint complex, including the bony connections that provide the joint foundation, the muscles responsible for the function of the joint, the soft tissue that supports the joint, and the nerves that control the joint


If an area is found to lack proper movement patterns or nervous system function, we will develop a plan to help your body adapt, heal, and function at its highest potential, which helps you resume a healthy, functional life.



Understanding and creating solutions to pain and dysfunction requires special care. At Kinetic Spine & Sport we meet you where you’re at, discover your body’s needs, and work to naturally correct any inefficiencies, helping you achieve your highest potential.

Our mission is to help you move, function and feel your best. The constant demands of life can take a mental and physical toll on you, but we believe that nothing should hold you back from your day-to-day activities.

We help unlock your body’s potential, so you can live a life without restrictions.

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