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Am I too young or old for Chiropractic care?

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.


The spine is subject to stress and strain from the very moment of birth. Childbirth itself is the first shock to the spine and nervous system that the infant receives. Think about the pressure on the infant at the time of delivery and the potential pull on the infant's head and neck even during a normal, uncomplicated delivery. 

During childhood activities how often have we witnessed a child fall? The Chiropractic profession places considerable emphasis on structural balance and has attributed considerable importance to the potential problems which can result from these seemingly harmless childhood incidents. Clinical evidence suggests that common disorders of childhood such as colic, colds, constipation, asthma, bed wetting, and other conditions can be helped through adjustments, if they are a result of neurological irritation caused by spinal imbalances.


Aging is a natural normal process which each person must undergo. Older patients are subjected to structural problems such as degenerative joint disease (arthritis) and, therefore, many of their ailments are related to the spine and extremities. As a person ages, the muscles which help to maintain the spine in its normal alignment begin to lose the tone needed to maintain balance. When this occurs, the spinal vertebrae have a greater tendency to slip or move erratically and affect the spinal nerves which lead to vital parts of the body. Chronic conditions, (such as arthritis, circulatory disorders, constipation, stiffness of various joints) which are associated with the process of aging can many times be greatly alleviated with regular spinal adjustments.