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At Kinetic Spine & Sport, we carry a variety of nutritional supplements, orthopedic products, and athletic apparel to help you feel your best, look your best and live pain free! Products we offer include: 


Metagenics Nutritional Supplements

Metagenics is one of the first nutritional supplement companies to achieve three independent certifications for Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) by world-leading arbiters.  They formulate their products using the safest ingredients, ensuring the highest purity and proper absorption of the active ingredients by your body, unlike supplements from your local big chain store.  From everyday essential vitamin packets to detoxification systems, we’ve got you covered!



BioFreeze Pain Reliever

BioFreeze is a widely known about pain relief gel.  It has a unique, cooling formulation that soothes sore muscles, and eases joint and back pain.  We always have some in stock to suit your application preferences whether it’s a spray bottle, hands free applicator, or gel straight out of the tube!



Perfect Pillow at Mankato Chiropractor




Pillowise Pillows

Getting a good night rest is important to your health and finding the perfect pillow can be difficult! That's why we recommend Pillowise.  Their pillows are tailored to your dimensions, and with just a few measurements we can find the pillow with the right height and contour for your body type and sleeping habits.








Isagenix Nutritionial Products

Isagenix Nutritional Products

It can be hard to find food and nutritional supplements without any added preservatives, artificial ingredients, flavors, sweeteners and GMOs. Isagenix has changed that by delivering the best food system you can find.  Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or healthy aging, Isagenix has something for everyone! Ask us for more details and find out why Dr. Buns & his wife, Allison, utilize Isagenix as a part of their daily life!