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Chiropractic Conditions

Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using, very extensively, chiropractors in order to stay healthy and fit. Whenever I had a little problem with my body, I always ran to one of my dear friends [Franco Columbo,D.C.], he was always right there with the adjustments. This is how I found out the best way of going, is to use chiropractors, not only after injuries , but also before injury.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The following list of conditions are commonly seen by our chiropractor, and we have had great success in treating.  Treatments vary based on the patient, their current health, goals and expected outcomes, but can include a combination of adjusments, therapies, exercises, and nutritional support.


Ankle Injuries

Muscle Strains

Auto Injuries           

Muscle Spasms

Bulging Discs

Neck Pain

Carpal Tunnel


Chronic Ear Infections

Overuse Syndromes

Chronic Pain

Pinched Nerves


Pregnancy Related Pain



Forward Head Posture

Ringing of the ears (Tinnitus)

Golfer’s Elbow

Rotator Cuff Injury

Hamstring Injury



Shoulder Pain

Hearing Loss

Sports Injuries

Hip Pain

Tennis Elbow

Joint Instability


Joint Pain


Joint Sprains


Low Back Pain

Work Injuries

Middle Back Pain

Wrist Pain